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Customized Software Development …..Fitted to your business needs

In today’s competitive world, businesses need cutting edge software to run their business. SaharSoft-IT has top of the class industry certified software development professionals which includes software engineers, testers and designers who would adapt to your every need. Our expertise lies in clearly perceiving the business goals of our customers, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently designing and developing solutions that cater to the need identified by the business. 

When off-the-shelf software packages just cannot fulfill your requirements, then consider the following benefits of custom software specifically developed for your needs:

Why decide on Custom Software Development

·         Save time and money with the right investment

·         Helps streamline the business process

·         Helps save resources by leveraging your existing technologies

·         Enables your business to work the way it was meant to.

SaharSoft-IT specializes in providing custom software solutions to companies whose requirements are not met by packaged software. We provide custom software solutions which meet your unique and specific business needs to improve productivity and profitability. 
We offer full cycle custom software programming services, from product idea, Requirement Gathering, System Requirement Analysis, Code Generation and Testing and Design, Deployment, Training, and software Support. SaharSoft-IT is committed to provide software development services that deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective software solutions within your budget.

Software Development Skill Set

·         Internet Programming Languages : PHP, ASP .Net , VB.Net, , CGI, Java Script, VBScript, JScript, Action Script (Flash)

·         Programming Languages : C++, Visual C++, C#, VB.Net, Java

·         Databases : My SQL, MS SQL 2005,2008

·         Operating Systems : MS DOS, MS Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000,Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Software Verticals

We have developed custom software for verticals like

·         Engineering

·         Healthcare

·         Education

·         Real-estate

·         Finance and Accounts

·         Logistics

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